Longtime Chicago mayor Richard M. Daley on Monday announced that he won’t seek re-election in 2011. Daley, who has been the mayor of the Windy City for 21 years, told reporters that it’s time for both him and the city of Chicago to move on.

As Big League Stew’s Kevin Kaduk writes, it didn’t take long for an interesting candidate to throw his name into the ring to be his replacement: Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen. Guillen went to Twitter with his reaction, jokingly tweeting “Next mayor well why not me lol.” Well, he was definitely not serious and his mayoral aspirations would be more realistic if they were in the social media check-in app Foursquare than running for public office.

Just like Kaduk, however, we at tauntr would love to see him actually run for office because he would make one entertaining politician...

Gif: Carl Pavano Punches Delmon Young's Butt

Added 4 years 18 weeks ago

The Minnesota Twins rallied for four runs in the ninth inning to cap off a walk-off 7-6 victory over the Chicago White Sox on Sunday. The game-winning hit came off the bat of Twins...

MLB Network Commercial: Beyond Delusional

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Major League Baseball Opening Day is just days away. With the dawn of each new season brings hope for many fan bases across the nation. In this commercial, though, Tauntr prescribes a dose...

Rob Dibble's Summer In Motivational Posters

Added 4 years 13 weeks ago presents Rob Dibble's summer in motivational posters. We hope that this puts a smile on the face of Nationals fans who have had a rough day. If there is one silver lining, though...

Miracle On The Diamond: Thome Gets A Triple

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Jim Thome can hit. Always has been able to, really. Thome, now with the Minnesota Twins, is still going strong this season, even at 39. Indeed, he currently boasts an impressive line of ....

Pavano Celebrates Twins' Walk-Off Win In Odd...

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Minnesota Twins hurler Carl Pavano, Porno King of Minnesota, displays another reason why he was given that nickname outside of his 1970s porn mustache. Pavano assaults teammate's Delmon...

Neckties that will get you FIRED! in Chicago

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Another day, another victim of the vitriolic rage of Chicago Bears fans over the loss of the NFC Championship. This time, however, it wasn’t aimed at a multi-millionaire athlete, but...

Around The Horn: Mariotti On Mariotti

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After a week hiatus, Around The Horn returned to air Monday for the first time since show panelist Jay Mariotti was arrested for domestic assault. Show host Tony Reali addressed the topic...

A.J. Pierzynski claims he was in serious car...

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CHICAGO -Yesterday Chicago White Sox hitter A.J. Pierzynski took a pitch that hurt the air next to him, allowing him to get on base and eventually lead the White Sox getting a hit and...

Twitter Action Figures

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Tweeting is a lot like ordering Chinese over the phone, you can never be sure if what you’re saying is being translated correctly by the person on the other end. Which explains why...

Chicago's Two Teams

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The similarities between the Cubs and the White Sox are discussed

Letters From The Commish - White Sox - Good Game

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A letter for Mark Buehrle, from the commissioner of baseball.