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Beard Of Truth Episode 7: An Impassioned Plea To TheoKevin Youkilis’ Beard of Truth offers an impassioned plea to Boston Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein. The Beard hopes that Epstein will make adding more facial hair to the Red Sox’s 25-man roster a top priority this offseason, giving a strong case for the team to sign free agent outfielder Jayson Werth. Youkilis’ beard also advocates a trade for San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson, in part to his pitching, but mostly because of his sweet beard. For more of Beard's offseason tips for the Red Sox, follow him on Twitter @beardoftruth

Athletic Supporter: Little League Dad

Added 1 year 13 weeks ago

Many criticize the Little League Dad for caring too much. But that's not the issue. His problem is he’s a massive dickhead--a condition exasperated by watching pre-pubescent boys...

Your Corporate Banker

Added 3 years 3 days ago

Not sure if you’ve heard, but people are kind of upset with the big banks these days. From the hidden charges to the extra fees, the arrogance to the fiend ignorance, people are...

Masters Assassin: The Tiger Woods Sniper Game

Added 3 years 33 weeks ago

The Masters, which we are legally obligated to call 'A Tradition Like None Other,' starts this Thursday. While Tiger Woods is now a year removed from his comeback, he's still...

Chicago Bears Athletic Supporter: Playoff Edition

Added 3 years 43 weeks ago

Get to know the A-hole behind you at Soldier Field.

Goddamn Snack Time with Rex Ryan: Playoff Edition

Added 3 years 44 weeks ago

Goddamn Snack Time with Rex Ryan is back with an updated Playoff Edition. With 110% more gluttony, a new boss, an expanded arsenal and sexy traps, you can take control of Rex as he gets...

Goddamn Snack Time with Rex Ryan

Added 3 years 50 weeks ago

UPDATE: Win a Goddamn iPad! Create a profile on, play the game and the high score each week will be entered into a drawing for an iPad. Winner will be chosen after the Super Bowl...

Cocaine Bear Athletic Supporter

Added 4 years 1 week ago

THE COCAINE BEAR doesn’t give a damn about your picnic basket. He just wants you to give him a few bumps then he’ll be on his way. A regular on the party scene for nearly 30...

San Francisco Giants Athletic Supporter

Added 4 years 3 weeks ago

You’re a San Francisco Giants fan, and you celebrate your individuality. You know your unique because that’s what Apple, Starbucks and REI tell you repeatedly through their...

Dallas Cowboys Panic Button

Added 4 years 4 weeks ago

Last night was a nightmare for Cowboys fans. They lost to the Giants 41-35, fell to 1-5 on the season, lost their starting quarterback and with him, any hope of recovering to make...

Inside The Illegal NBA Shoe

Added 4 years 4 weeks ago

The NBA, for the first time in its history, banned a shoe from competition because it would provide users “an unfair competitive advantage.” Athletic Propulsion Labs claims that...

Philadelphia Phillies Athletic Supporter 2010

Added 4 years 9 weeks ago

The Philadelphia Phillies Athletic Supporter comes back for another season. Get to know the as*hole behind you at Citizen's Bank Park.