Chicago Cubs right-handed pitcher Carlos Zambrano delivered an epic meltdown against the Chicago White Sox on Friday afternoon. Zambrano, who appears to be in some desperate need of anger management classes, lost in the dugout following a rough inning. Yet again, he took out his anger on a Gatorade cooler/dispenser, even making Cubs manager Lou Piniella look sane and level-headed. At first, most baseball journalists thought that Zambrano was upset with Chicago first baseman Derek Lee, whose error led to a big inning for the White Sox. In reality, though, he was simply upset that the White Sox selected Gatorade as their sports beverage of choice in the dugout. As has been well documented, Big Z hates Gatorade, instead preffering Powerade. Following the rough first inning, he became even more upset to learn that, like Wrigley, US Cellular Field supplies Gatorade.

TAGS: Chicago Cubs, MLB
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beeeeeeer_iz_li... 4 years 21 weeks ago
probably just safer for him to switch to powerade