Warding Off A Playoff Shark Attack

Bad: If the Sharks lose against the Red Wings tonight, the Sharks will be one of only 4 teams in NHL history to let a team comeback from a 0-3 deficit in playoffs.

Worse: Since the lockout the Sharks have finished each season at or near the top of the Western Conference standings. Each of those seasons they’ve been bounced early from the playoffs.

Piling on: In the Sharks 20-year history, the team has made the playoffs 14 times. They’ve only advanced to conference finals twice (Calgary in ’04 and Chicago last season) and only tallied a pair of wins in those series (2 against Calgary, they were swept by Chicago last season).

Meaning: The Sharks have a proud history of choking in the playoffs.

And: This inforgraphic demonstrates just how teams are able to ward off the Sharks when it comes down to playing for Lord Stanley’s Cup.

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