TO wants to challenge Braylon Edwards for most dropped passes on Jets

NEW YORK — Free agent wide receiver Terrell Owens is excited about the prospect of joining the New York Jets. Not only will the superstar get to strut his stuff on HBO’s Hard Knocks, Training Camp with the New York Jets, he’ll get to challenge Braylon Edwards for most drops on the team. “I’m not retiring,” said Owens. “I am going to stick around unlike the way my hands hardly stick to perfectly thrown footballs. I want to go down in history as the greatest ball-dropper the wide receiver position has ever seen.” Braylon Edwards welcomes the challenge. “He'll come in here saying he’s going to drop five, six passes a game, but I’m definitely going to get more looks,” said Edwards. “More looks mean more opportunity to drop wide open passes. TO can spit game, but his hands aren’t nearly as wooden as mine.” Head coach Rex Ryan seems to like the idea of having two butterfinger receivers on the team. “You have no idea what this will do for Mark Sanchez’s poise,” said Ryan. “You think the kid had poise last year, wait until you see how he handles himself when his completion percentage plummets as these prima donnas whine and complain about wanting to getthrown to. It will be epic.”

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