Vote Youk Campaign Video

New York Yankees outfielder Nick Swisher is aggressively campaigning to be selected as the Final Vote for the 2010 American League All-Star Game. Swisher, who has admittedly posted an impressive line of .296/.375/.509 through 77 games, has used his 1,219,431 Twitter followers and the help of SI Hot Clicks’ Jimmy Traina to take a lead over Boston Red Sox first baseman Kevin Youkilis. He even created his own promotional video on the Yankees’ official website. However, the Beard of Truth was moved to point out several flaws in Swisher’s candidacy in the video above. Among other things, Swisher’s once-sweet facial hair has lost its luster and pales in comparison to Youkils’ excellent beard and his strange outfield routes are not endorsed by fielding guru Tom Emanski. Plus, Youkilis is simply the better player. He has a higher batting average (.299), on-base percentage (.416) and slugging percentage (.586.) and is a better defender. So, while he lacks the Twitter followers and Traina support that Swisher can boast, he does have the support of former Presidential candidate John Kerry and is, above all else, the most qualified among the final five. Also, if he loses, he may flash one of these. Vote for Youk today, before it is too late.

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