UT pottery teacher irked at Mack Brown’s $2 mil raise

AUSTIN — Texas Longhorns head coach Mack Brown received a $2 million raise to bump his 2010 salary to $5 million. Some University of Texas faculty, including pottery teacher Magnolia Wheatgrass, are questioning weather Brown is worth it. “He is an angry meat-eater who brings nothing but violence and discord to the university,” said Wheatgrass. “To be paid millions of dollars while professors who are helping the community with culture and peace can barely scrape by is tragic.” Wheatgrass was then told that the football program makes the University over $40 million annually, and that the pottery program costs the University upwards of $300,000 annually. “The price Mother Earth pays for football cannot be quantified in dollars,” Wheatgrass replied as she cashed her paycheck.
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