Twins take out 84-month lease on a turquoise Nissan Versa

MINNEAPOLIS - Immediately after the Minnesota Twins signed Joe Mauer to a contract that keeps him through 2016, they decided to take out an 84-month lease on a fully-loaded turquoise Nissan Versa. 84-month leases aren't the typical choice for most consumers but the Twins pushed the local dealer to make the deal. "I was confused as to why they wanted to hang onto the Versa for so long," said Tom of Tom's Nissan. "Usually people go 36 months, any longer and they pick a neutral color like black or silver. Rarely do they choose a color like turquoise for a long lease. It tends to go out of style fast. People get bored of it within 2 years. Also, we might not even make the Versa in 2017, meaning if it disappears from the lineup before then, it might be hard to find replacement parts. They'll still have to make the payments though. Even if it's just sitting in the grass while they mow around it."

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