TV personality suffers freak football injury

CINCINNATTI—Terrell Owens, the beloved media personality and co-host of the popular “T.Ocho Show,” injured his knee in a freak football related accident while taking a break from his rigorous schedule of television tapings and promotional appearances. The injury reportedly occurred due to Owens over extending himself and attempting to perform an athletic move that should only be reserved for professional football players.

“Don’t get me wrong, Terrell is in great shape,” said his manager Abbie Goodwell. “But he’s a TV personality, not a NFL player. It takes total dedication to your craft to be physically able to play football at that level. Obviously, due to Terrell’s other commitments, he can’t be in that kind of physical condition, and as a result, an injury like this happened.”

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flyered-up_19464 3 years 48 weeks ago
You are such a personality whore TO.