Timmy & Bus Season Finale

In the season finale of Timmy and Bus, the duo rolls through the streets of San Francisco to celebrate their historic World Series victory. But will a surprise appearance by Brian Wilson rain on their parade? Or will everyone’s favorite spaced out starter and the eccentric closer find common ground?

TAGS: Tim Lincecum, MLB
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Mary A Brown 3 years 46 weeks ago
I've watched this so many times I've pretty much got it memorized! Genius!
MessageGirl 3 years 47 weeks ago
God, whoever you guys are, you are fantastic! I say this as a Giants' fan (I love especially Timmy) and a scientist (yeah, that's doctor, to you!)! The voice of Wilson is spot on and Tim is pretty damn good too. I hate that I have to wait months to hear more.
Vanessa Sosa 4 years 1 day ago
This has been a brilliant series, Timmy is awesome and this is so fucked up. Keep up the good work