Third world child feels blessed to receive media guide from USC

ETHIOPIA -  Tik-Tik, a hungry 10-year old, third world child from a small village in Southern Ethiopia, is thankful to the gods above for dropping crates filled with thousands of USC NCAA football media guides on his small mud hut. Tik-TIk says he has learned much from the University of Southern California media guide and has shared his thoughts on the past, present and future of USC football program with many of the village elders. "The day the guides feel from the sky onto TIk-Tik's hut, we didn't know what to expect. Figuring it was urgent medical care, we rushed to thank the gods. But when we learned of the great USC and it's seven Heisman trophy winners, we knew that these crates held great knowledge. Knowledge that would lead us and inspire us to a better life. We are most curious about Heisman winner Reggie Bush and his manner of transportation. It is not the the three-legged donkey we are used to but a giant black, metallic creature of comfort. Like an elephant wrapped in a machine. I wonder how one young man can come across such a magnificent ride while paying his dues at the university level." Tik-Tik has also inspired the other children of the village to play make believe of different USC greats.  Many fights to the death have come about over who gets to be Heisman hero O.J. SImpson.

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