Tauntr Links: Jordan Speaks

Monday, July 19, 2010
Posted By Tim Johnson 06:47 PM


  • So Michael Jordan has finally spoken on LeBron James' decision. And like we have always thought, it turns out Jordan wouldn't have done it quite the same way. 
  • Is there any reason to believe that this Miami Heat thing WON'T be a train wreck? Good gosh, the leader of the team not named LeBron even knows how to anger people.
  • Tiger Haters, here's lunch.
  • Not only does Tim McCarver suck at broadcasting baseball games, but he also makes stupid analogies just like D-Wade.
  • I'm not sure what to say about this so I'm just going to say that this is an amusing take from a heterosexual married man on what it's like to play in a gay softball league. Or something.
  • Underage drinking at Notre Dame. Gasp!
  • Nothing like taking a piss at The Open Championship. Now how come this guy isn't crushed for "disrespecting" the game like Tiger is? I digress.
  • Mark Cuban wants to buy the Texas Rangers. I still don't know why Bud Selig doesn't want Cuban to be part of MLB. Cuban is a fantastic owner, the guy who, you know, puts his fortunes into his team. What a concept, I know. Selig doesn't want Cuban but he's happy to have Frank McCourt? Oooook Bud..