Stan Van Gundy wanders around gift shop looking for perfect souvenir before he leaves

ORLANDO—Having packed up his office, loaded his car and said his goodbyes to the staff he spent the past five seasons working alongside, recently fired Magic coach Stan Van Gundy had only one final piece of business before heading home—procuring the perfect souvenir to commemorate the time he spent in central Florida.

“It’s got to be just right,” said Van Gundy as he meandered through one of Orlando’s hundreds of gift shops. “It has to encapsulate my time here, represent my accomplishments, serve as a reminder of adventures and totally make my friends and family jealous that I got to go to Disney.”

Van Gundy flirted with the idea of purchasing some sea shells and nearly pulled the trigger on some “pretty cool looking” sand art before eventually settling on a novelty Florida license plate that read “STAN #1.”

However, after walking up to the cashier, Van Gundy caught a glimpse of a display of Disney stuffed animals and changed his mind one final time. “That’s it!” screamed an elated Van Gundy as he pointed to 14-inch Mickey Mouse plush that retails for $39.99. “That’s what I want! Mickey is the boss of Disney, just like I’m the boss of the Magic,” to which he added glumly, “Or at least I used to.”

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