St. Ubaldo Jimenez Is Unbelievable

Move over, Timmy. There's a new top pitcher in the N.L., Ubaldo Jimenez of the Colorado Rockies. Jimenez, who threw the majors' first no-hitter of the season in the spring, has been dominant in the first half. The flame-throwing right-hander currently boasts incredible numbers: 10-1 record, 0.78 ERA, 70 strikeouts, 576 ERA+. Always known for his plus velocity--he has averaged more on his fastball than any pitcher in baseball the past few seasons--Jimenez has effectively harnessed his command while limiting home runs in the thin air of Denver.
Given the brilliance Ubaldo has displayed, we at tauntr want to come up with a new nickname for him: St. Ubaldo. We will even make the image above into a t-shirt if we generate enough demand, so let us know in the comments if you feel we should.

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