Seattle hires guy to help them beat UW in a practice scrimmage

SEATTLE - The Seattle Seahawks hired USC coach Pete Carroll as their new head coach after firing coach Jim Mora. The Seahawks paid top dollar to bring in Carroll because they were tired of losing to the University of Washington Huskies every August when they play them in a practice-scrimmage. Seattle believes Carroll has what it takes to win and Carroll himself is excited to be on a team that might have a chance at beating the Huskies. "I've gone up against the Huskies before. I haven't always fared so well but I believe the Seahawks might be able to beat them. I'm not sure if they'll ever win an NFL game but right now I'm gonna focus on that game in August. That's what I was brought in to do." Seahawks Fan Club President Matt Peterson is stoked for Carroll. "I am stoked,says Peterson. "If we can beat a college team with a college coach, we should be able to graduate to the NFL in 4 years or less."

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