Ron Swanson Vs. Uncle Sam

Ron Swanson Vs. Uncle Sam. It's EXACTLY what it looks like.

1812 is when Uncle Sam was born unto America, meaning our long revered uncle is 199 years old and completely past his prime. Like all old people, Uncle Sam’s senility is getting hard to stomach at the dinner table, and--like all old people-- it’s high time that he be replaced.

And so it goes. Like two bucks meeting in the woods, snorting and pawing, lowering their horns for battle. America’s old personification succumbs to America’s new personification.

Uncle Sam passes the torch to a new man; a man who embodies our great nation's virility, strength, and impending cardiac arrest.  That man is Ron F**king Swanson.

Does he want you? No, but he will take all of the bacon and eggs that you have.

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