Romo's new non-distracting cheerleader squad set to take the field this Sunday

DALLAS - Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo has learned from his past playoff experiences. In the past, he's been distracted by moderately attractive women, like Jessica Simpson, Carrie Underwood and Terrell Owens– all pretty girls that caused him to lose his focus in the big games. But with Romo's new hand-picked, distraction-free cheerleading squad set to debut this week, Romo promises this time it'll be different. "I went all over to find these girls," said Romo. "The meat counter at Albertson's, the Walmart dressing room, the Official Tony Romo fan club of Plano. It would take me at least 2-3 tequila shots for these girls to catch my eye. Luckily, I don't drink during games anymore. So, I will not be looking at them. At least not all that much. But I will keep their head-shots. In the frames I hung above my bed."

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