A-Rod approves of Jeter sucks A-Rod shirt

NEW YORK CITY - After Red Sox slugger Dustin Pedrioia and Oakland A's perfect gamer Dallas Braden publicly denounced the fan-created shirts made in their honor, Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez took a time out from batting practice to say just how much he loves those 'Jeter sucks A-Rod' shirts made by his fans. "Oh god, I love 'em. Love, love, love, love, LOVE!!" A-Rod gushed to reporters. "I can't get enough of them. I think they're great because not only are they well designed but they tell a story. A story that makes the viewer go, 'Hmmm. Now that is interesting.' And then the wearer of the shirt goes, 'Why thank you. Yes. Yes it is interesting to say the least.' I just think the crafting of the copy was is so perfect. Witty. Nothing excessive. Paints a beautiful picture in your mind without having to spell it out with an illustration or drawing of what the line means. I can understand why Pedroia and Braden aren't as appreciative as I am. 'Lazer show, relax' what the heck does that mean? And 'Get off my mound'? Lame-o. This guys need more pizazz in their shirts. Pedroia is short, say something funny about that. And Braden is all kinds of ghetto. You've got to work that into the line. Maybe they get final approval on the shirt idea like I did."

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