Rockies to store Jamie Moyer in their baseball humidor

DENVER—In an effort to keep 49 year old pitcher Jamie Moyer fresh and in optimal physical condition, the Rockies have decided to store him in the humidor at Coors Field, team sources said Monday. The humidor, while originally installed to prevent balls from drying out, should prevent the fragile Moyer from cracking, splintering, dehydrating and other various ailments that often beset elderly pitchers in Denver’s thin dry air.

“Just playing it safe,” said Rockies manager Jim Tracy on the decision to store Moyer in the climate controlled room. “If Jamie is exposed to the natural elements for any extended period of time, he’ll just fall apart. By storing him in the humidor, we can ensure ideal atmospheric conditions and slow his rate of deterioration—kind of like how they keep U.S. Constitution in a special gas chamber so it doesn’t disintegrate, same principle.”

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