Rays DJ Kitty Gets Bieber Fever

The Tampa Bay Rays have played excellent baseball this season, again surging to the top of baseball's strongest division despite a low payroll. As a reulst of the success, a lot of ink has been devoted to the Rays' intellingent front office and great core of young players. However, the real driving force behind the the team's success is none other than Rays DJ Kitty. Here, Rays DJ Kitty, who has surpassed Cowbell Kid as the Rays' best luck charm, gets Bieber Fever, rocking out to Justin Bieber's hit single "Baby." Next up: Rays DJ Kitty takes on Tupac's Hit 'Em Up. Seriously.

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PhillySquire 4 years 9 weeks ago
And cats...
PhillySquire 4 years 9 weeks ago
Exactly why I hate the Rays