Randy Moss waived by Minnesota after press conference

Monday, November 01, 2010
Posted By Fudge 06:31 PM

UPDATE: According to Mike Lombardi, Moss was cut by the Vikings. So by tomorrow I'm sure he won't be missing New England as much as he did yesterday, because he'll be back playing there.

Awww, sad Randy is sad. After only making one catch for 8 yards in his return to New England, Moss basically went off the rails in his press conference. He started by telling the NFL and their $25,000 fine for not cooperating with the media to suck it. From there he moved on to declaring himself supreme asker of all questions. Then it got weird. Moss went on a five-minute long soliloquy, in which he professed his burning desire for all things New England and Bill Belichick. Keep in mind this is the dude who pouted his way off the Patriots less than a month ago, now he speaks of them as the love that got away, which I’m sure is what Vikings fans wanted to hear: “Christ, I thought New England was bad but the suck show you guys are running makes them look like a damn vacation in comparison.” There you go Minnesota, add this clip to your crap-collage of a season composed of injuries, disappointment and pictures of Brett Favre’s penis. I bet you long for the glory days when your team just had orgies on boats and played above .500 football.

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