Raiders wake from bad dream in which they slept through the draft

OAKLAND, CA—Raiders owner Mark Davis awoke in a panic this morning after dreaming that he had slept through and missed last week’s NFL Draft. In the dream, which Davis described as “extremely vivid and totally plausible,” the entire Raiders organization completely forgot that they were supposed to travel to New York and pick players to join their team.

“I totally thought this actually happened,” said Davis. “I mean, because we didn’t have a pick until the late 3rd round, no one was really thinking too much about the draft, so it’s not too far fetched to think we’d all kind of forget about it.”

After sharing his dream with general manager Reggie McKenzie, both agreed it was a good thing that such a scenario didn’t occur.

“Man,” exclaimed McKenzie after Davis described the nightmare. “That would have been so embarrassing. But I assure you, we were there and got an Englishman who moved to the US to play basketball and a Canadian who played for a college who didn’t have a football team until two years ago—so don’t worry.”

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