Pujols As A Royal/Met

Friday, March 26, 2010
Posted By admin 02:26 PM

Over at Circling the Bases/Hardball Talk, Craig Calcaterra points out that the Cardinals and slugger Albert Pujols have put contract extension talks on hold until after the season. While the news is hardly surprising, I’m sure it'll lead to a few lazy, panic-inducing columns discussing how St. Louis might have to move its top player as a result. I just hope there's no more Ryan Howard-Pujols nonsense.

To highlight the absurdity of that premise, Craig reposted an old banner image from FoxSports.com promoting a Bob Klapisch column which discusses the chances that Pujols could end up as a Yankee.

Although some (dare I say most?) fans of the team think it’s the Yankees’ god-given right to acquire every great player, any new Pujols speculation is absurd. New York already has an outstanding first baseman in Mark Teixeira, of course, and, just like Joe Mauer, Pujols is likely to remain with his original team.

Craig ends the post with this: “That pic never gets old. I need to brush up on some Photoshop so I can make one of him on every team. How awesome would it be to see him wearing a Royals jersey? Or the Mets?”

It would indeed be awesome, so we decided to do exactly that. No need to brush up on those Photoshop skills just yet, Craig.

Well, the Mets could definitely use a first baseman.