Prospects burn draft cards to protest NFL’s involvement in Cleveland

NEW YORK—Some of the NFL’s most promising prospects assembled outside of the NFL headquarters this weekend and burned their registration cards for the upcoming draft in protest of league’s prolonged, unpopular and unsuccessful operation in Cleveland.

The NFL has occupied Cleveland since 1999, when they installed an expansion franchise in hopes of quelling a fan uprising and to replace the city’s previous team. Since then, numerous young men have been drafted to serve in Cleveland, many of whom, such as Tim Couch, Courtney Brown and Brady Quinn amongst others, would go on to lose their careers there.

“Enough is enough,” said running back Trent Richardson, thought by many to be the next unfortunate person to be drafted to serve in Cleveland. “We need to send a message that the draft is morally reprehensible, because it ships the game’s young, talented stars, against their will to a team that can’t win. It’s been over a decade and the operation in Cleveland has been one embarrassing failure after another. It’s time to end it.”

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