Presenting Some User-Submitted Cigar Guy Photoshops

Monday, October 04, 2010
Posted By admin 11:40 PM

Earlier today, we took our best stab at inserting Cigar Guy into classic sports photos. And we ended the post with a challenge to our readers, writing, "Do you have a Cigar Guy photoshop? Send us an email at and we will add it as an update to this post." Well, given the strong response, we decided to make a separate post for the photoshops that were sent to us. Some were excellent, some not so much (though we appreciate the effort). Here are the best ones that were sent in.

Cigar Guy pummels Robin Ventura, via Gilbert Thurston

Cigar Guy as Brandi Chastain, via Chris Rijo

Cigar Guy as Joe Namath

Cigar Guy on a horse

Cigar Guy as Kramer, via Where's Weems

Thanks for all the submissions. And thanks to you, Cigar Guy, for inspiring a nation.

MilenyCor 4 years 7 weeks ago
I found the best video compilation of 'The cigar guy" this link Its funny, look at 1:10 minutes haha