Pete Carroll’s ‘draft clues’ tweets actually clues to an alcohol problem

SEATTLE — Thursday Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll began tweeting cryptic messages he dubbed ‘draft clues’ to his followers. His tweets were mostly links to famous songs with the hashtag #seahawksdraftclues. As the day went on however, it became more and more apparent that there were no clues to be had by these tweets, but were possibly clues to a bigger problem. “Pete’s a great guy, but he likes to drink when he tweets. A lot,” said Seahawks general manager John Schneider. “There were no clues there. Pete wasn’t even in the war room. He was at the Seattle Hilton hotel bar, drinking scotch and using the wi-fi.” Schneider said he was not worried about his coach and that, “it takes college coaches a little time to adjust to the NFL.”

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