Pat Riley announces Heat have replaced Spoelstra with “Good job! Good effort!” kid

MIAMI, FL - In an unprecedented move, Miami Heat president Pat Riley has fired head coach Erik Spoelstra and replaced him with an untested but silver-tongued eleven year old fan. The boy, referred to only as “Good Job Great Effort Kid” in Heat press materials, caught Riley’s attention by offering stirring words of encouragement to LeBron James and Dwyane Wade as they left the court following a crushing loss that put them in a 3-2 series deficit in the Eastern Conference finals.

“This season - hell, this whole era of Heat basketball is on the line tomorrow. We can’t have just any squirrelly clown steering the ship,” Riley said with a wink while he jerked his thumb in the direction of the departing Spoelstra. “We really need a master manipulator like this little kid, what’s-his-name.”

LeBron James supports the change wholeheartedly: “With little mister silver lining calling the shots, we have every piece in place to finally become a dynasty. Eight titles, here we come!”

TAGS: Miami Heat
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