Olympic torch to be fueled by cost efficient European currency

GREECE—The lighting of the Olympic Torch is a tradition as old as the Olympic Games themselves, but as the flame was ignited this morning to embark on its voyage to London, a new tradition was born. This year, for the first time ever, the Olympic torch will be fueled solely by energy saving and highly cost efficient Euros.

While torches from the past dozens or so games have been fueled by natural gas such as propylene or propane, the 2012 Torch will make it 8,000 plus mile to London burning clean, inexpensive Euros, the official currency of the 17 of 27 European Union countries.

“It is a symbolic move as well as an economic one,” said International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge. “We wanted to show the Olympic games cost countries so much money, and we figured with inflation, a weak currency and the cost of natural gas, it makes much more sense for our torch bearers to just peel off a few Euros and toss them in the fire when it starts to get low.”

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