Obama dedicates majority of his State of the Union address to bashing Jay Cutler

WASHINGTON—President Obama, a known Chicago Bears fan, spent the better part of last night’s hour long State of the Union address disparaging shamed Bears' quarterback Jay Cutler. Speaking to the members of Congress as well as millions of television viewers, Obama quickly glossed over the condition of the country’s political climate and then turned his focus to Cutler’s uninspired play and controversial injury during the Bears loss to the Packers in Sunday’s NFC Championship game.

“We as a country must continue to rebuild and recover,” Obama asserted, continuing, “We will not give up simply because we are facing adversity. We are not a nation of Jay Cutlers,” to which Obama received a roaring applause, especially from Illinois Senators Richard Durbin and Mark Kirk. Obama finished his speech saying, “Goodnight, thank you and God Bless America—except for you Jay Cutler, you are the sole reason the terrorist hate us.”

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