Oakland Raiders fantasy draft goes surprisingly well

NEW YORK—The NFL’s 32 teams met last night to conduct their annual fantasy football draft, and the consensus amongst the entire league was the Oakland Raiders had by and far selected the best team. By picking Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and stealing running back Ray Rice in the third round, the Raiders fantasy team appears to be a juggernaut in the NFL’s fantasy league and the odds on favorite to win the Landry Trophy, the prize given to the league’s fantasy champion.

“It was our policy from the outset to draft smart and conservatively,” explained Raiders’ actual owner and fantasy general manager Al Davis. “I know some people had Vick going first, but we thought his durability could be an issue, same goes for guys like Arian Foster and Chris Johnson. While they may have monster years, we thought injuries and missing camp respectively may affect their overall performance. So we stayed away from those risks and committed to more dependable and consistent fantasy players.”

The Raiders logical and meticulously planned fantasy draft astonished many of the league’s other teams. Bill Polian, the Colts actual/fantasy GM said, “After the entire draft was over I looked at the team Oakland assembled and shook my head in disbelief. Just a solid, solid team. They even got the Jets defense. Glad they don’t draft like that in real life, then we’d all be screwed.”

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