Nike's fake NFL uniforms make a loud statement

Friday, November 19, 2010
Posted By Fudge 05:24 PM

UPDATE: Turns out these uni's are fake. So it seems that I, like the rest of the Internet, is pretty gullible. Jesus, if I can't trust the Baltimore Ravens blog as a reliable source for news, who can I trust?

In a couple of seasons Nike will take over for Reebok as the NFL’s personal stylist. If these leaked artist renderings are any indication of what the players will actually be wearing come 2012 (assuming we survive a lockout and a Mayan calendar apocalypse), start throwing bleach in your eyes now to physically prepare for the sensory experience these threads will provide.

But the silver lining to this acid rain cloud is that the guy who designed MLB’s futuristic jerseys back in the late ‘90s has finally found work again.

H/T Ravens Blog