NHL Ugly Sweater Party

Christmas used to be about tradition. Then it was about consumerism. Now it’s just about ironic sweater parties. The Florida Everblades of the ECHL kicked off this modern holiday tradition with their retina bleaching neon sweaters last Friday. The NHL, always hungry for attention, have commissioned Tauntr to create some ugly sweaters in hopes of capitalizing on this festive trend.

Our submissions, in order:

Washington: A Russian themed number complete with St. Basil-icles, which drape over your shoulders in lovely perestroika themed cheer.

Toronto: Curl up next to the Yule log dressed in this lovely sweater that incorporates a new, Toronto tradition—throwing waffles onto the ice. It's accented by a scoreboard that more often than not reflects the scoreboard at the Air Canada Centre.

Pittsburgh: Holiday cheer in Pittsburgh is as strong as the steel that made this city famous. Of course, there’s plenty of love for Lizzie McGuire, who is the favorite elf of injured 4th liner, Mike Comrie.

Detroit: Pull up the rocking chair, just like all the old timers who play for the Winged Wheel and bask in the warmth of the lovely octopus that the people of Detroit can’t seem to get enough of.

Phoenix: Just like the team itself, this festive sweater is FOR SALE. It’s Christmas time in the desert as moving trucks and tumble weeds traverse the vast wasteland of hockey apathy.

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Mathew M. Reynolds 3 years 49 weeks ago
Uhhh, are the sweaters for sale? lol. Seriously though.