NFL schedules all Rams games for Wednesday mornings

ST. LOUIS—The NFL released its schedule for the 2012 season yesterday and while a majority of the games were scheduled for Sunday afternoons with a few Monday and Thursday night games mixed in, the St. Louis Rams were the exception, as they’ll play all 16 games on Wednesday mornings.

Though highly unorthodox, the NFL said the decision was made with the fans and players in mind.

“Breaking with tradition and having the Rams play on Wednesday morning was really a time management decision,” explained NFL Scheduling Coordinator Thomas Leahey. “Everyone, from fans to opposing teams, have better things to do on Sunday than wasting 3-4 hours on the Rams. Might as well get their games out of the way earlier in the week. This will give opponents a few extra days to prepare for their next game and fans something to do while their procrastinating at work. Really, it’s win-win.”

He then added, “Except for the Rams. They’ll more than likely not win much.”

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