NCAA sentences USC to play in whatever is left of Big 12 for next two years

LOS ANGELES — Reports have surfaced that USC Trojans football will face sanctions for violations the program made during their championship run in the 2004-05 season. The major infractions were linking star Reggie Bush to more than $290,000 in cash and prizes boosters and other people affiliated with the program. The NCAA will reportedly dock 20 scholarships and ban the Trojans from all 2010-11 bowl games. “Also we’re getting sent from the Pac-10 to the new Big 12 until 2012,” said USC Athletic Director Mike Garrett. “That’s the worst punishment. I don’t mind the bowl game ban or the scholarships. We totally deserve that. But the Big 12 will be worse than the WAC.” Top teams are rumored to be fleeing the Big 12. Nebraska is said to be heading to the Big Ten while as many as six teams including Texas to the Pac-10. That leaves just Missouri, Kansas, Kansas State, Iowa State and Baylor. “This is about as bad as a Big Sky schedule,” said Garrett. “It’s a huge blow. I mean, we’ll definitely be undefeated for the next two seasons, but strength of schedule is going to kill us. And I think the NCAA is taking away the Big 12’s automatic BCS bid, not that it’s going to matter since we’re banned anyway.”

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would blow to have just been accepted there