MNF game played in parking lot

MINNEAPOLIS—Still rendered homeless by a snowstorm that collapsed the roof of the Metrodome nearly two weeks ago, the Minnesota Vikings were forced to play their Monday Night Football match up against the Chicago Bears in what can only be described as a parking lot. Players from both teams expressed concern over playing the game on a surface as hard as asphalt, but besides a concussion to quarterback Brett Favre in the first half when he slipped on some black ice near the dumpster, no major injuries occurred.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was on hand for the game, and addressed the peculiar playing scenario before the game. “I want to thank the fine people at the Bloomington Fuddruckers for letting us play in their parking lot tonight,” Goodell said. “I know it’s not ideal for football, but what do you want us to do? Play in Detroit? Eww, gross, I don’t think so.”

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