MLB Team Brews

You think Ham Porter gave two shits about beers in the dugout? No! All Sandlot’s portly ginger cared about was playing ball like a man and psyching out the batter. If Benny “the Jet” Rodriguez wanted to toss a few back so be it. Kid was an athlete. He could handle it.

Same rule applies to the pros. The boys of summer have been slugging brews and balls for ages. In fact, just as with home field advantage, each team has a their own particular beer, and each beer corresponds to the drunken spirit of the team. So please, observe, and try not to blackout from all the writing.

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Jarrett Trezzo 3 years 3 weeks ago
OMG you fuuuuucking iiiiiiidiots! it's not a list of beer sold at each team's stadium, it's a list comparing a beer and it's image/taste to the team. people are truly ignorant.