Mid-week Tebow drought has some turning to little known deity named “God”

As the distance between Sundays reaches its apex, legions of Tim Tebow supplicants find themselves starved for news, stories, pictures, anything concerning their Lord and Savior. In fact, worshippers' desperation has reached such a fever pitch some have begun to search for solace in those Tebow cites as influences. Most notably, an obscure deity named “God.”

“It’s kind of like how since Outkast hasn’t come out with an album in years, I’ve been forced to delve into the band’s biggest inspirations. Not having Outkast got me into Prince, same as how not having Tebow all week got me into this God guy,” explained Broncos fanatic and curious Christian, Brett Davis. “Hey, did you know God is dog backwards?” he asked. “My springer spaniel is totally going to dig that when I baptize him.”

According to Pastors around the nation, the up swell in attendance during mid-week services has been a blessing for Church coffers. However, much to the displeasure of the devout, many newcomers are complaining this God may lack the 4th quarter comebacks necessary to Tebow traditionalists.

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