McCoy leaves game early, worried about CFL career

PASADENA - University of Texas senior quarterback Colt McCoy left the BCS National Championship game early in the first quarter after an injury that could seriously threaten his future Canadian Football League (CFL) career. McCoy claimed his arm went dead but was not in any pain and because there wasn't any; it simply wasn't really worth playing through having no pain and risking a big money contract in the CFL. "I have my whole career ahead of me and I believe that the CFL will treat me kindly," says McCoy." Jesus will guide me to a great team there. I have faith and I hope I can introduce that country to Christianity just like Columbus did with the Indians. I hear it's cold up there so I plan on bringing the Canadians blankets to keep warm. It's just the kind of christian I am." When asked about his chances in the NFL, McCoy gave a puzzled look and asked, "What's that?"
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