Masters Assassin: The Tiger Woods Sniper Game

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The Masters, which we are legally obligated to call 'A Tradition Like None Other,' starts this Thursday. While Tiger Woods is now a year removed from his comeback, he's still dealing from the fallout of his skank laden scandal. Tiger is a lightning rod coming into the tournament, as golf pundits debate his swing, his focus, his slipping world ranking and whether he can return to being the Tiger from days of yore. It's a perfect time to bring back our classic game--Masters Assassin: The Tiger Woods Sniper Game.

WARNING: NSFW. Also, keep in mind this is just a game. It's not real. In real life women aren't allowed at Augusta National Country Club.

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cocacolakid298 3 years 26 weeks ago
this is really funny, but kinda short.
tannant 3 years 28 weeks ago
funny ...but way too short