Mark Sanchez blasts lazy teammates for just now criticizing him

NEW YORK—Tired of being the scapegoat for his team’s sub par season, Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez fired back at teammates who questioned his work ethic and attitude by accusing them of being lazy for waiting so long to call him out on his lack of motivation and unwillingness to make football his top priority.

“I think it shows a real lack of professionalism,” Sanchez told reporters at a party promoting a new energy vodka drink he has invested in. “For some of my teammates to sit idly by and allow me to half ass everything shows they don’t care about this team. They want to do their own thing, on their own time rather than putting in the effort to make everyone aware of my bullshit.”

Sanchez did go on to say that not all of his teammates are guilty. “I don’t want to make it sound like this is a team wide problem,” said Sanchez. “There are plenty of guys who know the type of guy I am and who care deeply about this team. Guys like Nick Mangold, Bart Scott and Coach Ryan have said all along that I’m a detriment to this team, and I appreciate that. Those are the type of guys we need to succeed.”

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