Marchand Punch GIF.

When a metaphor skates into your hand say in the form of a hockey player skating into your hand, you have wrap your fist around that sucker and say thank you. Therefore, on behalf of every sportswriter, whether you be a blatant hack (yours truly) or an articulate hack, allow me to extend a gracious thank you to Daniel Sedin. As the gif. above so immaculately exemplifies, the Canucks are having a bit of difficulty performing anything other than "Coma's on Ice" every time they step foot in the Garden. Rogers Arena may be a sanctuary where dramatic victories are eked out before a roaring crowd, but once in Boston, Vancouver (mostly Luongo) acts just as Sedin did, they stand there like a demon just yelled FINISH HIM and endure fatality after fatality to the face.

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ASH71 3 years 18 weeks ago
When asked why he was punching Sedin, he answered "because I could"!