Man only accepts ticket to Indians game for the $5 coupon on the back

BRECKSVILLE, OH—Despite having neither the desire nor the time to attend this afternoon’s Indians and Tigers game in Cleveland, Carl Landers accepted a pair of free tickets for infield lower box seats, valued at $44 each, only because they could be redeemed at any participating Arby’s for $5 off any order of $15 or more.

When offered the tickets by co-worker Brandon Hawes, Landers replied that he’d “definitely use them.” Landers didn’t reveal, however, that he wouldn’t use the tickets to attend the game, but to get a free crispy chicken bacon Swiss sandwich the next couple times he went to Arby’s for dinner, which he does about once a week.

Asked if he felt somewhat guilty for taking two good tickets with no intention of actually going to the game, Landers responded, “Not at all. It’s not like Brandon was going to find anyone who actually wanted to go, and it’d be a shame to let a pair of perfectly good Arby’s coupons go to waste.”

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