Lakers Derek Fisher Not A Fan Of Tauntr's Khloe Masks

Wednesday, June 09, 2010
Posted By admin 09:07 PM

So, apparently Los Angeles Lakers point guard Derek Fisher didn’t approve of our Khloe Kardashian masks. Fisher, who finally did something for the Lakers in Game 3 after just a miserable regular season, went on the Ryan Seacrest show this morning and had this to say (via 99.7, click for full audio):

“I didn’t really feel comfortable with that at all…Khloe is the wife of another man and my teammate, and some things we gotta leave at home,” he said, ”[Go ahead and] ‘boo’ Lamar, say some things about Lamar, but you don’t bring peoples’ loved ones into a game of that magnitude. I’m sure it was all in fun for them, but I didn’t really think it was fun.”

To that, I say, man up, Derek. For one, the masks were produced in good fun. Yeah, Khloe is the ugly sister. Because her other two sisters are smokin’ hot. Kim is a dime piece (and it was an honor for her, being so hot, to tweet this today), and the other one who just had a kid is kind of bangin’ in her own way as well. Thus, being the ugly sister in that family isn’t really too much of an insult; it's like being the worst catcher out of the Molina triplets. Also, Khloe even herself admitted that she was fat recently. Everybody was wondering if she was preggers, bent at becoming Odom’s fourth different baby mama, but, no, she is just fat. Her words, not ours.

What doesn’t sit well with me, however, is this. Fisher was once a big-time player, a talented guard who was a key piece to championship teams. This season, though, he was the one Achilles’ heel of an absolutely incredibly talented L.A. team. The Lakers boast a starting lineup that includes Andrew Bynum, the best big man in the game, Pau Gasol, defensive specialist Ron Artest and fucking Kobe Bryant. It would be difficult not to advance deep into the playoffs with that kind of All-Star squad, allowing them do so even with a horrible, over-the-hill point guard like Fisher.

Fisher definitely came up big in the fourth quarter last night. He has done it before, and is the type of player who can still add value in big moments. Until that point, though, he has done jack shit, only serving as the weak link on the squad. According to the statistical basketball nerds, he was about the least productive guard in the league throughout the year. So, he finally does something to merit some media attention—getting invites to Seacrest and a sit-down with Hannah "The" Storm on ESPN—and he wants to talk about how tauntr was out of line to make fun of Odom’s wife? Really?

Professional athletes always have (and will continue to be) been forced to deal with a lot worse. Talking about is ridiculous and only makes Fisher come off like even more of a crybaby than he did following Game 3.

And what the fuck was that all about? He broke down and got way too emotional, shedding a few tears in his interview after the game. It was Game 3. Not the end of the series. Yeah, Phil Jackson teams may be undefeated after winning the series opener and the winner of the swing game in Game 3 usually goes onto win the series. But there is still a lot of basketball left to be played. It is not even close to over. As a result, crying like a pussy before winning anything that matters was fucking stupid.

I, for one, feel that there is a place for crying in sports, but only when the moment calls for it. M.J. crying after winning another NBA title shortly following the death of his father. Ditto for Tiger. Hell, even just winning a championship for any athlete.

But after Game 3? Fuck that. Yeah, Fisher’s bright spots have been few and far between, making some wonder if L.A. even had a point guard. But just because he finally showed up doesn’t merit that kind of emotion.

So, while you don’t approve of the masks, Derek, we at tauntr don’t approve of your crying.

And one final thought on the masks. Yes, Odom actually had a good game, going 5-of-5 while logging some quality minutes. Perhaps the ugly masks even worked against the Celtics, distracting Ray Allen, who was atrocious shooting the ball two days after setting the NBA Finals record for most three pointers in a single series game.

But the point was to have some fun and to taunt the Lakers, like we do every team in every sport. To think that we honestly expected to influence Odom’s play is idiotic. So nothing backfired on us.

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