Kobe reaches out to LeBron to see what else he can do to get Mike Brown fired

Running out of ideas and time, Kobe Bryant has reached out to fellow superstar LeBron James to solicit James’ opinion on other ways Bryant can get Lakers coach Mike Brown fired. Bryant has already been benched, pouted, played selfishly, openly questioned teammates and choke in the waning moments of big games, all of which are techniques James used to successfully get Mike Brown fired while the two were together in Cleveland.

But with the Lakers in 0-2 hole and time running out to make Mike Brown look bad, Bryant has contacted James to see what else he can do to expedite Brown’s dismissal.

“I know my contract isn’t expiring like yours was in Cleveland,” Bryant said to James while explaining his thought process, “But do you think he may get fired if I float rumors that I want to be traded again?”

“Yeah, that’s a great idea,” said James. “Also, try to hang out with players from other teams during the off season and make it known how much you like spending time with them and how cool it’d be to play with them."

"Although,” James added as caveat, “That might be kind of hard for you because you’re kind of a dick and no one wants to really hang out with you.”

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