Kenseth’s victory speech a long winded pitch for Best Buy’s extended warranty program

DAYTONA—After capturing victory at a tumultuous Dayton 500, Matt Kenseth took to the podium and delivered a speech that at first appeared to merely recap the race’s events and his thought process during it, but ultimately turned out to be a sales pitch for Best Buy’s extended warranty program.

“That’s the thing about racing,” said Kenseth smiling. “You never really know what’s going to happen. Accidents occur at any time—crashes, fire damage, water damage—all can ruin the time and money you invested in just a matter of seconds.”

He then continued, “And home consumer electronics are the exact same way. That’s why everyone, from NASCAR racers to stay at home moms, should consider a Best Buy extended warranty, which covers their purchase beyond the standard manufacturer’s warranty. For just a few dollars more, you’ll have peace of mind knowing if you TV explodes when it collides with a jet fueled powered air dryer—you’re covered.”

Kennseth wrapped up his speech by again thanking Best Buy for giving him the added protection he needed to win the race and urged everyone to consider investing in a real quality surge protector.

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