Justin Blackmon ignoring Jaguars phone calls informing him he's been drafted

STILLWATER, OK—Since hearing numerous reports that the Jacksonville Jaguars selected him with the fifth overall pick in last week’s NFL draft, former Oklahoma State wide receiver Justin Blackmon has ignored all phone calls from Jaguars management, believing the team will eventually go away if he avoids them long enough.

Despite Blackmon’s refusal to pick up any incoming calls coming from Jacksonville’s 386 or 904 area codes and his newly established practice of having friends or family answer calls from numbers he doesn’t recognize, the Jaguars have remained persistent.

“Hey Justin, it’s Gene Smith with the Jaguars,” said the Jacksonville general manager in a voicemail left on Blackmon’s phone yesterday afternoon. “We’ve been trying to call you for almost a week now. Don’t know if you’re out of the service area or left your phone on silent, but if you could call us back that’d be great. We got what I hope is good news for you, so please, please, get in touch with us. OK?” Smith paused then added, “Maybe I’ll try back again a bit later,”which Smith did do but was unable to leave a message as Blackmon's voice mailbox was full.

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