Jorge Posada sits out of game as a hint to Derek Jeter

NEW YORK—A struggling Jorge Posada asked out of the Yankees lineup this past weekend for the distinct purpose of hinting to fellow unproductive teammate Derek Jeter that maybe it’s a good idea to step aside and let someone else play for a change. “Not the same ballplayer I used to be,” said Posada while stretching his back in front of Jeter’s locker. “We’re not getting younger Derek. No shame in taking a few days off to give the old bones a break, you know? Give some of the other guys a few cuts. Plus you’ll have more energy to handle that little fox you’re dating, Minka. Am I right? Am I right?”

Although Jeter, who has continued his precipitous decline with a 5 for 27 slump, seemed to ignore Posada, the Yankee DH and former catcher continued to give not-so-subtle clues that Jeter too should consider not playing as much. “Oh yeah, [manager Joe] Girardi was totally cool with me skipping the game. I bet he’d be OK with you taking some time off too. I mean you’re Derek Jeter, you should be able to take a whole month off if you want. I can go ask the skipper for you—sure he’ll say it’s fine,” to which Jeter responded with silence. “OK, good talk man,” Posada quipped as he slapped his teammate of 16 years on the knee. “I’m going to hit the whirlpool, these days off are great for that, you should really try it man, you might like it.”

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