Jon Heyman: Scott Boras' Puppet MLB reporter and MLB Network contributor Jon Heyman is one of the most recognized baseball journalists around. Heyman's analysis generally falls flat, but his reporting is usually solid. When it comes to getting info from sources within the industry, in fact, he is among the best in the business. However, Heyman is also a complete puppet for famed agent Scott Boras, who constantly uses the SI scribe to leak information beneficial to his clients. Whether he is floating out a "mystery team" linked to a Boras client or trying to get one traded, he is usually the first to break the news that benefits players represented by the Boras Corporation. I will not go as far as to say that Heyman is on the Boras Corp. payroll, but each party benefits from the relationship. Boras of course helps his clients, in turn allowing him to generate more revenue for his business. Heyman, on the other hand, has first-hand access to one of the most powerful figures in baseball and, as a result, is the first to break many stories.

Rich Lederer of the Baseball Analysts broke down the interesting relationship in a great post a while back, but the trend has continued. And, though Heyman is more involved with Boras during the Hot Stove season, look for him to "break" some Boras-related stories as the trade deadline approaches.


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