Insult to Everything: Episode 24

Now in their refractory period from last week’s Jorgasm episode, a more subdued Price and Fudge take a look at the heroes and scapegoats so far in the NBA playoffs, address the NHL’s issue with diving and dirt hits and even preview the non-existent NFL season. On top of that, Fudge openly conjectures about what marathons are surprisingly lacking and the guys talk about robots. It’s a melting pot of randomness simmering on a stove we call Episode 24 of Tauntr’s Insult to Everything—the only podcast that Antoine Walker listens to on his Zune.

Insult to Everything airs on The Score Sirius Channel 98 on Fridays at 11 PM and Saturday at 8 PM, if you don’t listen to it, the satellites will get extremely angry and go on strike. You don’t want that to happen, trust us. We need those thing for like everything.

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