Hornets fans to throw beads at Anthony Davis so he’ll expose the skin between his eyebrows

NEW ORLEANS—Now that it appears that the New Orleans Hornets will be the new home for presumed #1 pick Anthony Davis, fans in the Big Easy have already begun planning the Kentucky standout’s welcome to the Big Easy, which will be done in typical Mardi Gras fashion, complete with boisterous drunk men hurdling beads at the 6’10” forward in hopes that he’ll flash a bit of skin between his eyebrows.

Hornets fans plan to regal Davis with chants of “Show your skin! Show your skin!” once they encounter him in person. However, it is unknown whether Davis, who has traditionally kept the skin on his brow conservatively shrouded with hair, will be convinced by the allure of plastic necklaces to exit his comfort zone and show the bare skin between his eyebrows to total strangers.

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